Within the manufacturing industry, layouts or production floors can change often. Automated equipment may need to be reinstalled, relocated, or altered to satisfy a new manufacturing environment. Industrial robots are often installed with a permanent location in mind (i.e., bolted to the ground). Hence, installing and uninstalling this equipment can often be lengthy and complicated. To add on, safety barriers and cells installed around these robots would increase the time needed. Therefore, robotic cells which have the robots installed alongside them, equipped to have wheels on them can provide many benefits to a workspace.

Robotic Cells & Wheels

As stated above, work environments can be reorganized and/or evolve. During this process, it is important to have equipment which can easily and naturally adapt to any change required by an industry; or risk lengthy downtime which in turn will decrease production time. Therefore, mobility is an important aspect when purchasing automated equipment. For robotic cells with wheels, relocation of the robot would take a fraction of the time compared to a classic industrial robot. To add on, a robotic cell could also be added to a production line at any moment based on a factory’s needs; there is no need for lengthy installation times.

For small to medium industries, wheeled robotic cells also provide the benefit of using the same robot cell for different applications. For example, a robotic cell could perform tasks at a molding machine, and then be moved easily to work collaboratively with humans (or any other automated task).

At DIY Robotics, we pride ourselves on our fully mobile and modular robotic cells. Each of our models support different kinds and sizes of robots to satisfy any requirement by your production environment. Each of these cells are equipped with wheels to achieve a mobile product capable of performing day to day robotic tasks, as well as providing all the benefits stated above.

When located in its correct operating position, the integrated leveling pads allow the cell to remain in place to ensure it does not move or vibrate during the robot’s movement, or if anything impacts the cell. The leveling pads as well as the wheels are industrial grade and are capable of supporting the full weight of the robot and the cell, along with any payloads the robot is working with, and more.


To summarize, mobility is an incredibly important benefit when acquiring automated equipment. DIY Robotic cells with integrated wheels provide that benefit while still maintaining all the benefits of a permanent solution. Our robotic cells provide many other benefits which any industry can make use of. If you have any inquiries regarding our robotic cells, please feel free to visit our product page: https://diy-robotics.com/products/, or our blog: https://diy-robotics.com/blog/. If you have any other questions, you can contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our experts: https://diy-robotics.com/contact/