The Top Six Types of Industrial Robots in 2020

June 30, 2020|

The impact robots can have on a company's operation is well-established. By now, many executives have heard of SCARA or Polar robots, and they are aware that these advanced machines can increase their performance and production. What other robots are out there, and how can they benefit your business? In this article, we'll take a look at the top six types of industrial robots currently on the market.

Lights Out for COVID-19

May 13, 2020|

We are facing an unprecedented global catastrophe. At the time of this article, the COVID-19 virus has infected millions of people worldwide and claimed the lives of a quarter of a million. Human ingenuity, creative problem-solving, and a lot of bravery have helped to keep us moving forward. Smart machines and artificial intelligence have played a significant role in maintaining factory operations with minimal human presence while the majority of us quarantine daily.

Interpreting the Three Laws of Robotics

April 30, 2020|

Discover Isaac Asimov, creator of one of the most popularized concepts in robotics and A.I. theory: The Laws of Robotics. These laws are practical, pragmatic guidelines for how roboticists should program these advanced tools. They already govern the operation of many machines and computer algorithms, and in some cases, they have already been neglected. As technology evolves, ethical questions about A.I. and robotics become increasingly important. Let's learn more about this topic!

What IS the Best Programming Language for Industrial Robotics (Depending on Your Level of Skills)?

April 8, 2020|

Numerous programming languages exist, each with its own advantages. Java is the most common programming language, and therefore the one your colleagues will likely be able to help you with the most. However, The C programming language and Python are both nearly as common, and all are highly regarded in the robotics industry. Visual programming languages, like LabVIEW, have made programming easy to understand and accessible to a variety of engineers. Depending on how well acquainted you are with programming, different languages offer different benefits. So, which one is right for you?

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