How Can AI Optimize your Robotic Process Automation?

March 25, 2020|

As robots become increasingly ubiquitous, so does the demand for artificial intelligence. A robot workforce provides the biggest advantages when it can think, adapt, change, and learn all on its own. This necessarily leads to decreased human involvement and intervention. Factory owners can expect the field of AI to continue to evolve rapidly, and robots may soon possess computational skills that rival our own intellectual abilities. The connection between the technologies The goal of AI is to recreate the human thought process. So, it makes sense that if companies are implementing robotic automation to replace human workers in their factories, then AI has a key role in developing a superior automated process. In fact, this is already taking place. AI is responsible for making modern robots more flexible than their rigid predecessors. Individual units can be reprogrammed and repurposed for many tasks and several points in the assembly process. Like a human, AI allows these machines to learn how to perform these tasks more efficiently. Unlike a human, however, a robot with AI learns quickly and does not need retraining. Industry Applications Numerous industries [...]

The Top 3 Best Robotic Automation Process Tools

February 18, 2020|

Robotic process automation (RPA) provides numerous benefits over using humans to perform similar tasks. Among the advantages are improved standardization of workflow, reduced error rate, and superior management of repetitive tasks. Several RPA tools number among the best and most reputable on the market. So, how do you know which one to choose? Let DIY-Robotics walk you through some of the top robotic automation process tools and help you decide on the right one for your operational needs. Another Monday When you need complete automation from beginning to end, Another Monday is one of your best bets. This RPA tool features an intuitive, easy to navigate user interface built around the Muse drag and drop workflow configuration. This highly accurate analyzation tool minimizes information loss between the process user and the analyst. Another Monday features quick scaling that pulls tasks from a database and collects data along the way. With little idle time, Another Monday promises reliable, consistent process automation that no human workforce can match. Free up resources, eliminate errors, and preserve information integrity with one of the most trusted names on the [...]

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