More and more industries are turning towards industry 4.0 with the use of automation and robotics. To ensure an industry is leading in a manufacturing climate, they must ensure their robotic equipment is effective and of top-grade quality. Therefore, is it crucial to be well educated and informed on the variety of equipment and technology available. Often, it is hard to acquire such knowledge or satisfy any questions from websites and manuals alone. It is important to view and work with robotic equipment physically before confirming that you wish to integrate it. Companies could plan a showcase of their products; however, these can be time consuming and might not deliver the answers and information a customer is looking for. Robotic trade shows are an excellent solution to this.

What are Robotic Trade Shows?

Also known as trade exhibitions or a robotics fair, a robotics trade show is a scheduled public event where companies and industries can showcase their products, technology, and research at a booth. They provide an excellent and effective form of marketing for both buyers and sellers. During these shows, customers who are be interested in robotic products have a chance to ask questions about any aspect of robotics, as well as spectate the workings of different equipment. This provides an opportunity for customers to receive first hand experience and knowledge, as well as give option to purchase or close deals. However, due to the great opportunity companies have to showcase their products, these trade shows are often clustered and can be quite overwhelming since each exhibitor wants your attention. It is important to have an effective strategy before attending these shows to ensure you acquire the maximum value in your visit.

Effective Strategies

A robotics trade show is likely to have a wide variety of technology available, some of which might not even relate to the field you wish to inquire about. Before attending these events, it is important to know what it is you are looking for in order to plan your time effectively. These events often have a member list along with a location of their booth on a floor plan. This can be found on the show website or during the event. When you arrive, you can simply visit their location and avoid the unnecessary booths.

Depending on the organization of the exhibition, companies with similar technology would be grouped together, giving visitors a categorized experience similar to a superstore. Upon arrival at a booth, it is also important to have a list of requirements or expectations available for the vendor. This will allow the vendor to provide the best solution they have for your company. Similarly, you can visit other booths within the show who may satisfy these requirements more appropriately.

Due to the popularity of these events, it can often be hard to receive a vendor’s full attention because of other potential customers. Establishing your intentions or informing a company of your visit will allow them to prepare a presentation. Certain companies will even schedule appointments during these events to provide a more personal, hands-on display of their products.

To summarize, robotic trade shows provide an excellent way for a company to acquire knowledge and information regarding new equipment, technology, and research. It is important to know what you are looking for before attending these shows since it is often a busy event. Plan which booths you wish to visit, as well as a list of requirements your company needs for equipment. Thank you for reading this week’s post on Robotic Trade Shows. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the knowledge you require: