Thanks to the first section of this blog, we know that part-entry accessories are a great complement to an industry’s automation because they make it more profitable.

Next, we will look at part entry accessories when bulk feeding is not an option, and when a feeding mechanism is not restricted by the shape and size of the parts. So let’s get into it:

The Drawer:

We know what a drawer is in our kitchen house, and this drawer system is based on the same principle. An operator opens the drawer, feeds the part in before closing it to give it to the robot. Then, the robotic arm from the other side of the drawer collects the part, processes it, and puts it back. Drawers can be used for parts of all shapes and sizes. It is a perfect solution for offline productions that require the loading of parts by one or many operators.


It is important to consider the robotic process before choosing this option. Multiple drawers can allow more efficiency and reduce downtime. That kind of configuration allows the robot to work on one drawer while the other is in the loading process by the operator.


  • Can house a vast range of products
  • Multiple customizable options (single or double)
  • Allows operator to work simultaneously on different drawers
  • Allows uninterrupted continuous production
  • Isolates the operator from the machine’s working space
  • Isn’t dependant on the parts’ geometrical symmetries

Some of the industries that use this feeder are metal, plastic, automotive, electronics, and pharmaceutical. Both single and double options are well known among industries.

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The Rotative door:

This Rotative door allows operators to add or remove parts from the robot’s secure working space. These doors are helpful as they give operators uninterrupted access to the machine and can allow them to work simultaneously with the robot each on their own side of the door. This makes the part entry really quick and efficient. The selection of this part entry accessory depends on factors like operator safety, part shape and size, and production cycle time.


  • Used across variable part dimensions
  • Allows simultaneous work for both operator and machinery
  • Efficient and cost-effective solution
  • Safe for operators

All this makes it ideal for machinery maintenance and ensures secure access for the operator. Rotative doors are used in the automotive industry, metal industry, plastic industry, and many more.

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The Conveyor:

Conveyors are long moving tracks made of various materials (belt, roller, o’ring, air, etc.) that transfer parts from point A to B. The belts can be made of rubber, metal, plastic and can even be slotted. The selection of this accessory depends on the job the conveyor does and the requirement of the part. For example, if a certain number of finished parts need to be packed, a cleat conveyor can drop the finished parts from the slot into the packaging material. If any raw material needs to be taken to another level, a rubber conveyor could be chosen for better traction, a metal conveyor for spiral inclination, or a slotted one to separate the parts. The most important advantage of this part-feeding technology is that it can be used for any part irrespective of its shape, structure, orientation, weight, or material. This makes it popular across a vast array of industries.


  • High-speed feeding system
  • Compatible with most robots and machines
  • High accuracy and durability
  • Low, easy maintenance
  • Orientation does not affect feeding
  • Low-cost material handling

This technology is used in a wide range of applications such as, marking and coding, packaging, material handlingrobotics, assembly, rubber, and many more. 

SMEs can use these part-entry accessories for their changing production lines and gain a competitive advantage over larger industries.

SMEs should consider investing in part-entry accessories as it allows them to utilize their labor force more efficiently and increase their production throughput by automation. This one-time investment can help gain long-term profits and reduces the ROI time slab.

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