FANUC has once again raised the bar for cobots with the launch of their new CRX series. The new pair of CRX models, the CRX 10iA and the CRX 10iA/L have established themselves as the new leaders in the field of automation. With several cobot models available, what distinguishes this lineup from other units on the market?

Astro FANUC CRXKey Features

FANUC already featured the most extensive line of cobots available. The CRXs offer all the same advantages as the other FANUC cobots, but with a few crucial upgrades and distinctions. Here are just some of the features that set the CRX models apart from their competitors.

Manual Manipulation

Say goodbye to complex matrices and advance programming kinematics. The CRX line can be manipulated by hand and guided to “teach points” so that the human operator can quickly and easily position and pose the robot. By moving it exactly to where it needs to be, the operator can use the robot’s tablet to take a snapshot of that configuration. FANUC’s software takes over from there, making sure the robot gets from point A to point B via the most efficient path. And since it features FANUC’s contact stop function, it is safe for humans to work in this close proximity environment.

Astro CRX Manual ManipulationThe Teach Pendant

The CRX models come with the brand new Teach Pendant Tablet. This sleek, modern touchscreen device features drag-and-drop programming and a quick and straightforward setup. It easily connects to third-party grippers and devices. Plus, it comes loaded with FANUC’s top-of-the-line software like iRPickTool, iRVision, and more!

Small Footprint, Powerful Arm

Although they have smaller footprints than a CR-15, both the CRX 10iA and the 10iA/L can handle a 10kg payload capacity. While they start compact, with a minimal profile, they boast 1249 mm and 1488 mm reaches, respectively.

Out of the Box

What else can you expect right out of the box? For starters, FANUC CRX cobots offer quick setup and a lightweight and compact design. The sleek and smooth surfaces make the units easy, comfortable, and safe to handle. There are no messy wires or sharp corners to frustrate operators during the unboxing or operation.

Astro FANUC CRX by DIY-roboticsOnce the CRX is out of the box, you’ll find several features that may not make the “top features” list, but which will still make converts out of even the most skeptical consumer. Both models of the CRX operate on standard 120V power. That means you can insert them anywhere in your assembly line as long as you have a standard outlet nearby. Both CRX models easily connect to numerous grippers and vision tools, making it a breeze to get your cobot into your assembly line and working with various third-party hardware. When combined with DIY-Robotics’ mobile Astro cells, the CRX 10iA and the CRX 10iA/L become even more versatile.

DIY-Robotics is a proud FANUC integrator. Check out the list of all of our supported robots and cobots at While there, take a look at our Payload Calculator, see what our robotic workcells can handle, and decide which ones are the best fit in your factory.