Robotic process automation (RPA) provides numerous benefits over using humans to perform similar tasks. Among the advantages are improved standardization of workflow, reduced error rate, and superior management of repetitive tasks. Several RPA tools number among the best and most reputable on the market. So, how do you know which one to choose? Let DIY-Robotics walk you through some of the top robotic automation process tools and help you decide on the right one for your operational needs.

Another Monday

When you need complete automation from beginning to end, Another Monday is one of your best bets. This RPA tool features an intuitive, easy to navigate user interface built around the Muse drag and drop workflow configuration. This highly accurate analyzation tool minimizes information loss between the process user and the analyst. Another Monday features quick scaling that pulls tasks from a database and collects data along the way. With little idle time, Another Monday promises reliable, consistent process automation that no human workforce can match. Free up resources, eliminate errors, and preserve information integrity with one of the most trusted names on the market.


Linx is your top choice if you need automation quickly and with little setup. This no-code RPA is perfect for those who want an integrated development environment designer that can speed up development. With over 100 pre-built actions and automations, you’ll find Linx to be an out of the box solution. The cloud-based service is crucial for speedy deployment on any device. Easily integrate databases and systems, automate tasks and workflows, even create and host APIs. Develop apps that require triggering and processing requests from multiple systems. Build applications that require storing, querying and manipulation of data stored in NoSQL databases. Linx is fast, simple, and instantly deployable with the click of a button.


WinAutomation turns your Windows desktop into an automation juggernaut. The Macro Recorder is a virtual autopilot that allows WinAuto to automate any repetitive task on your computer. Versatile, dynamic, and intuitive, WinAutomation reliably automates even web-based tasks. This RPA is fully compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. It boasts over 300 pre-build actions to help you get set up quickly and with no fuss. Send, receive, and process email automations; WinAutomation supports SMTP/IMAP exchange server protocols. If you want compatibility, user-friendliness, and a program you know will work with your existing workstation infrastructure, WinAutomation is your clear winner.

Robotic process automation is essential for companies looking to take the burden off of their human task force while simultaneously increasing productivity and eliminating errors. Put your most valuable resources where you need them the most, and leave the repetitive, menial tasks to the machines. Save time and money by automating ongoing processes with the software that is easy to set up, works with your software architecture, and makes the most sense for your company. Using the tools discussed here, you’re in the right direction to start programming your bot. Download our ebook to get started with your own RPA cell.