The arrival of the first robots in this world was inspired by Mother Nature and different species of animals including humans. There are 30 different kinds of muscles in a human hand, and many complex functioning goes behind a simple task such as lifting a cup of water. However, we laymen don’t need to understand the mechanics of the hand to get all the complex work done with them. The same goes for FANUC robots as for a DIY solution.

Think of the FANUC robot as the muscles and DIY-Robotics as your hand. You do not need to know how the FANUC robot is programmed to get your desired work done. Let us identify the benefits of using FANUC robots in DIY solutions at the existing factory setup:

1 | Easy to Operate

Operating FANUC robots can be as easy as moving a hand. As they come preprogrammed, we don’t need to worry about its coding to operate it. You can also modify it to do different tasks at the assembly line with just some easy minor changes in the hardware and software. FANUC Robots are easy to fit in within the current footprints and factory layouts helping any business, whether it is automotive, packing items, or precision work such as watchmaking to have:

FANUC CRX Controler

  • Less downtime
  • Increased productivity
  • Better support and services
  • Deliver targeted product goals with precision
  • Low maintenance
  • Application-specific options
  • Range of payload and reach capacity

Today’s world is all about getting more productivity in less amount of time, money, and space. Choosing FANUC can fulfill all these aspects for your benefit.

2 | Flexibility

It is always said that work done by yourself gives you the best output and flexibility. Here is where the flexibility of FANUC robots helps to get the best whether it is saving money, saving time, or getting high production with quality outputs. With over 250 specialized software functions available, FANUC makes the customization easier, and along with our DIY-Robotics modular cells, gives you the option to make your design by choosing the modular panels that fit your needs.

3 | Compatibility

Sixty years since its foundation and, with more than 4.4 million CNC controls and 680,000 robots installed worldwide and still counting; FANUC has become the leading global manufacturer of factory automation. FANUC’s diverse reach in the global market makes it more feasible to connect to a DIY-Robotics cell. This makes your modification process quick and joint-free, giving the flexibility, payload, and reach capacity range as per your needs. FANUC Robots are compatible with almost all the other tools present in the market, making them the most accessible in terms of installation by yourself. Plugging and playing around with FANUC is just like playing with LEGO toys. FANUC Robots can plug and play with the existing factory design giving maximum output optimization in minimum changes made. These robots can do various applications, which includes as under but is not limited to:

FANUC Compatibility

  • Pick and place
  • Assembly
  • Cutting
  • Material application
  • Inspection
  • Palletizing
  • Dispensing and sealing
  • Material removal

I think this section should focus on the fact that FANUC controllers are very present in various industries, whether on a CNC machine or an injection molding machine, making it all the easier to connect to a DIY-Robotic cell.

4 | Lifetime Reliability Guaranteed

In addition to DIY-Robotics offering unlimited free support for their products, FANUC also offers lifetime support for their product throughout its life cycle no matter how old the robot is. FANUC being the only robot manufacturer to design and manufacture all its products’ components in-house also helps in giving superior quality products, functional reliability, and availability of products at the highest levels. With over 20 parts centers in Europe itself and a worldwide network of its parts store, they ensure 24/7 parts dispatch, limiting downtimes in your operations and giving guaranteed 100% performance service.


FANUC IconThe name itself sells the product. It is very easy to find integrators for FANUC, being the leading brand in the robotics market. DIY-Robotics is not only an Authorized FANUC System Integrator but can also get you in contact with various integrators with different specialties around the world. Everything your robotic project requires, from FANUC robots to Certified Integrators, and custom components for your needs, is available at a one-stop solution platform called DIY-Robotics.

Choose Wise — Choose FANUC — Choose DIY-Robotics