With an estimated average of 3 million industrial robots in use by the end of 2020, it is clear that more and more businesses are continuously embracing robots within their processes. This is according to IFR Statistics. With the dynamic technological advancements on the rise, we only anticipate even more use of robotic kits both for simple and complex functions.

Today we take a deep dive into why robotic kits are essentially a better option for you and why they are more profitable. In a nutshell, a robotic kit is a compilation of robot essentials which are used to build robots, then programmed to serve different functions. Here are some of the reasons why they are the better option for you.

1 | Low Cost Initial Outlay

Unlike buying a complete robot, robotic kits are way much cheaper to buy and install. We all know that at the end of the day, the objective of every business is to keep the costs as low as possible and therefore, this option will definitely leave you with a bigger chunk of the revenue. Depending on the complexity of the functions performed, robotic kits cost as low as $3800 and other marketplaces. In addition, extra costs such as shipping and installation, including the time is reduced considerably as all the parts come together and are assembled at your premise. and other marketplaces. 

2 | Customized Functionality


Once you have the robotic kit installed, depending on your need(s), you are able to connect with experts whose aim is to understand your end goals, then develop a customised program to allow your robot serve appropriately. This is magically impressive as you are able to fully service your needs, saving you a lot and ultimately increasing your profits. This aspect of robotic kits ensures that the robot fully serves the purpose.


3 | Increased Efficiency

This is a sure factor for profitability. The use of robotic kits by far improves the production process as it eliminates the human error. As a result, businesses are able to increase their output, reduce wastage and hence, increase profits. This is one of the major reasons behind robots, as they are programmed to do what human beings do, just by much, more efficiently.

4 | Continued Expert Support


The biggest problem especially when dealing with complex technology such as robotics is that of support. After you buy and install your robotic kit and it is functional, just like any other piece of technology, problems arise which can lead to huge losses. Therefore, having expert support is key to ensuring that you quickly troubleshoot your robot and get it back to work in the shortest time possible. This can take the form of a live online chat with your supplier and/or community forums such as DIY-Robotics’,  where you can instantly get help from experts and peers.

Clearly, you can now see that indeed robotic kits are here to help you with your production and day-to-day processes, which ultimately leads to increased profits for you. If you haven’t considered robotic kits yet, it is about that time you got in touch with an expert and come on board.