Why a DIY Basic Cell?

Every industrial robot manufacturer works with different control technologies and devices. This gives them exclusivity of their system, but it also dictates a certain “way to do” to companies that choose one technology over another. As a supplier of industrial robotic equipment, we offer a large selection of robots in various brands. The thing is, there are so many out there, that we can’t support them all.

This is where the DIY Basics become relevant.

This series of robot brand-agnostic robotic cells offers all the benefits of the Classic DIY Robotic Cells, except for the robot. This allows you to fill up our industrial robotic cells with the technology of your choice.

Get the best fit for your robot with our DIY Basics

This version of our Robotic Cell finder will help you find the perfect cell according to the technical specifications of the robot you’re looking to integrate.


What is a DIY Basics Cell

The DIY Basics goes back to basics. It is a blank robotic cell designed to open the range of compatible industrial robots. The cell is made from steel sheets for maximum strength and weight. Like the classic version, it is mounted on wheels for more mobility, and is also equipped with levelling pads for stability.

Included in the DIY Basics

Since there is no industrial robot in the cell, the electrical components are minimal. This makes it compatible with a wider range of robot brands.

  • Empty electrical panel
  • Empty pneumatic plate
  • Security key switch wired but unplugged

Contact us for more information about DIY Basics’ compatibilities.
Note: The Add Ons are only available with Classic DIY Robotics Cells

Basic Comet-44 side


In addition to being mobile and modular, the DIY robotics cells are sturdy. They are specially designed to house industrial robots with the speed and weight that comes with them. The DIY Robotics cells are made of channeled steel for more strength and weight, to ensure impeccable stability. They have the perfect balance between heavy-duty and maneuverability, so each DIY Robotics cell is built for industrial work while still being easily movable.

  • Heavy channeled steel
  • Can support up to 1100 kg
  • Powder coating to resist scratching and to prevent corrosion
  • Polycarbonate modules for better impact resistance
  • Modular panels for maximum versatility
  • Pre-perforated empty electrical panel
  • Structure designed for an easy and simple wire routing
  • Mounted on wheels
  • Equipped with retractable levelling pads
  • Extremely robust locking device
  • Precut steel for knockout


Basic Astro-33 iso
basic cell size

914 x 914 mm

weight cell icon

500 kg

Basic Astro-53 iso
basic cell size

1524 x 914 mm

weight cell icon

500 kg