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Our Cells – Satellite

Satellite – Quick Startup Guide

This manual describes parameter settings required to start up our robotic cell Satellite-55 and Satellite-66. (Legal notice) (You will find a downloadable PDF version at the end of this page.) 1 Bring the robotic cell at its place by hand using the heavy-duty handles or with a forklift using the holes provided for this purpose. Make sure it is in the right position. 2 Pull out the rachet handle, secure the four leveling casters to the floor making sure that [...]

Satellite – User Manual

SATELLITE - USER MANUAL This is a detailed guide to help people with everything related to the Comet robotic cell. This user manual includes critical information about security, maintenance, the robotic cell components, the Teach Pendant controller and about various other topics. OVERVIEW OF THE CONTENT IN THIS USER MANUAL SECURITY AND RISK MANAGEMENT Operator's responsabilities Security components Lockout procedure ROBOTIC CELL COMPONENTS Robotic cell description Fanuc robot Lockable side doors Tower light Command box EUROMAP connectors [...]

Satellite – General Documentation

SATELLITE - GENERAL DOCUMENTATION This is a detailed guide to help people better understand our Satellite robotic cells. This document includes key information about how to use this robotic cell, how to transport it and various other technicals characteristics. OVERVIEW OF THE CONTENT IN THIS DOCUMENT Terms of use Descriptive plate and technical characteristics Conformity declaration Robotic Cell Description Satellite cells Isometric images Satellite Cells 3D image Multiples cells and machines layout possibilities Transporting the robotic cell [...]