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This manual describes parameter settings required to start up our robotic cell Astro-33.

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(You will find a downloadable PDF version at the end of this page.)


Bring the robotic cell at its place by hand using the heavy-duty handles or with a forklift using the holes provided for this purpose. Make sure it is in the right position.

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Pull out the rachet handle, secure the four leveling casters to the floor making sure that all wheels don’t touch the floor and that the cell is properly leveled.

rachet handle


Connect the teach pendant to the cable as shown. Rotate the teach pendant it is seated. Then rotate the connector until it is threaded on tight. (Wiggling the connector might let you tighten a bit more.)

Connect the teach pendant image


You will find the keys for mode selector key switch (T1 / AUTO) in the robot controller.

keys for mode selector image


Connect the main power connector plug to the dedicated power source. Turn on main the cell main power switch which is the controller breaker. Rotate clockwise to turn it ON.

You should now see the green power LED on the Teach Pendant illuminated. Before going further, the controller must warm up at least 30 minutes. After the warm-up time is elapsed, you can go to the next step.

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First, you must set up a payload. Press MENU, then select 0 for NEXT, select 6 for SYSTEM and finally, 6 for Motion.

system motion screen


Enter 0.5 (if nothing on the robot) at line 2 (or your tool payload) PAYLOAD [kg] and press F4 for YES to the question asked.

motion payload set screen


With F1 [TYPE], select 7 DCS.

motion payload set screen


Press F3 for DETAIL, then Press F4 for [CHOICE]. Answer F4 YES to the question to change the setting. Press F4 again and select 2 ENABLE.

collaborative robot screen


Press F2 for CONFIRM. The master code will be asked. Enter xxxx (code provided by your integrator). The actual payload will also be asked. Press F4 for YES to acknowledge. Finally, it will be asked if nobody is in contact with the robot. Make sure no one touches the robot and answer F4 for YES. A message saying that the payload is confirm will appear.
Press PREV key, then F2 APPLY. Enter xxxx (master code provided by your integrator)  and press ENTER key. Restart the controller for the changes to be effective.
The status will then change to CHGD instead of SAFE.
(Any changes made by the customer to the DCS function will be at its own risks. To prevent unwanted changes to DCS set up, change master code at delivery.)
DCS collaborative robot screen


Press MENU, then select 0 for NEXT, select 6 for SYSTEM and finally, select 5 for Config. 

system config screen


Scroll down to Hand broken line. Press ENTER on <*GROUP*>
System config screen


Scroll up to Enable UI Signals: Press F5 for FALSE.

system config screen