Modular Robotic Cell

Why Comet-44?

The Comet-44 is probably the most versatile Robotic Cell of our product line. Its configuration gives a wider working space, but still stays compact. Offering the same compatibility as its little sister, the Comet-44 can also be accessorized with plenty of our bundles, like the Robotic Deburring Cell. Above all, this Modular Robotic Cell offers speed, accuracy in a safe environment, and is modular over time. The cell is equipped with wheels, pre-integrated ratchet handles, and leveling pads for mobility, and stability when needed.

Given these points, the Comet-44 is perfect to sustain tasks like machine-tending, dispensing, assembly, and material removal.

Comet-44 FANUC LR Mate 200iD

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