More about the Robotic Sanding Cell

The Robotic Sanding Cell is a simplified approach to industrial robotic sanding. While DIY Robotics isn’t aiming to reinvent the wheel, we designed this solution to bring industrial robotic sanding into small and medium business looking to improve upon their sanding processes.

The combination of these 3 leaders in their industries brought forward a solution that offers flexibility, performance, and usability.

Starting at
$107,250 USD

Robotic Sanding Cell

Why a robotic Sanding Cell


Each component of the Robotic Sanding Cell maximizes flexibility.

The Astro-53 Cell is not only mobile but also modular, so you can change its configuration when needed. The CRX robot brings usability, making it easy to reprogram new paths at will. The AOV-10 Robotic Orbital Sander from ATI combines with the abrasive technology from 3M to give multiple sanding possibilities.

Tell us about your project, and the skilled engineering teams from ATI and 3M will help you find all the sanding parameters to achieve your requirements.


Bring the speed and the consistency of a robotic performance to the sanding process.

Sanding can be a sensitive task, and one not always easy to automate. It takes the right set of abrasives and abrasive process parameters, to get the job done right. With 3M’s wide selection of sanding media options, users can find a solution for their project. For further information about abrasive process solutions, call DIY or 3M to speak with an Application Engineer to help find the best solution in both product and robotic parameter settings.


The CRX robot makes the sanding path as easy to program as it can be.

The CRX teaching interface provides a good user experience, especially for beginners in robotics. A sanding path can be programmed quickly in a few steps with the touchscreen teach pendant. This complex technology is designed to be as simple to use as possible to make robotics accessible to all manufacturers.


The best part of the Robotic Sanding Cell is its ease of use. Its configuration makes it ideal for flat surfaces with a single random orbit tool orientation. The open structure of the cell gives room for a wide variety of different parts.

More about sanding

Choosing the right abrasive will make a difference in the process.

Most people are familiar with the concept of sanding: processing a selected surface with an abrasive. The sanding process might seem simple to understand but there is more than just the abrasive to consider. Involving 3M’s expert Application Engineers at the beginning of your project provides support for your end goal in mind. Sanding is not just about choosing the right abrasive, but it’s also about choosing the right parameters and seings to achieve your desired finish and goal. With 3M’s 30+ Years of Automation Expertise and 100+ Years of Abrasives knowledge and technology, 3M will work with you to help find the optimal solution to fit your needs. There are many factors to consider when automating sanding tasks. Taking the time to optimize these factors is well worth it.

Important Factors

It is important to involve 3M early in your process and get in touch with their complimentary Application Engineering. They will provide support and discuss your robotic abrasive process needs.

Contact us for more information about the process


A compliant sanding tool designed for robots

The Robotic Sanding Cell is equipped
with the ATI AOV-10 orbital sander tool.

With built-in adjustable compliance, the AOV-10 Robotic Orbital Sander is primed for a wide variety of surface preparation, conditioning and finishing processes. The pneumatically actuated compliance mechanism gives users control of contact forces to provide consistent processing, regardless of the tool’s orientation. The AOV-10 is optimized for use with 3M Abrasives and includes 3M’s curated starter media kit.

To bring more autonomy to the sanding process, the Robotic Sanding Cell is equipped with the Automatic Media Change system for the AOV-10. This hands-free option for media changeover helps the cell perform its task with minimal human intervention. Users can program exchange cycles to optimize their media and store backup discs or use a variety of discs in one process.


3M Kit