ORBIT DIY-Robotics

The Orbit is coupled with an external FANUC axis which is 100% compatible with the robot controller within the DIY-Robotics cell. The Orbit becomes the 7th axis of the robot, which ensures precision and constant communication with the robot movement.

With time and experience, DIY-Robotics had developed precise mounting points for home-made fixtures that are easy to install without the need for any additional tooling. The Orbit embraces the plug-and-play philosophy with its fixture-ready mounting points.

The Orbit is a pre-engineered, pre-secured rotative door option for  DIY-Robotics cells. It’s built for long-term use and is customizable to fit your needs. It’s the perfect product for offline production that requires the loading of parts by one or more operators. The rotative door can also be shared with another DIY-Robotics cell for a fully automated production line.